domenica 29 settembre 2013

Ponte della Musica - Armando Trovajoli

Ponte della Musica is a very shallow arch bridge for pedestrians and cyclists crossing the river Tiber. It is the result of close collaboration between engineer and architect which produced an elegant structure using the highest quality materials, all of which are typical of Rome and have been sourced locally. It’s innovative design uses the springing points of the arch to provide stairs for public access from below the bridge.
The total length of the bridge is almost 190m, comprising a main span of 128m and two side spans of 30m. The bridge comprises two outwardly inclined arches made of tubular, steel-supporting, stiff transverse frames positioned at 8.5m intervals. The arches rise 10.6m above the crown of the deck at midspan, giving a span-to-rise ratio of about 12:1. They are fully fixed at their concrete springing points and support the deck via inclined hangers. The soffit of the bridge deck is 21.6m asl to provide adequate clearance above River Tiber whose average level is 8m asl.

(source: Designing Buildings Wiki)